Better Person

#477 – Journey Of Attachment: I Can’t Be a Better Person. What Does That Even Mean?

Are you always pushing yourself to try harder, to be better? Even when you reach the accomplishment you wanted, something is still missing. So you repeat the same cycle of needing to be better, to be perfect. Perhaps, you keep questioning yourself about current circumstances and feel you’ve done it all and still here you are, no movement. The little voice inside says you need to be better and you respond with, “But how?” Frustrating? Yes! The idea is it must be all your fault that things don’t change or that you are constantly going back to finger-pointing the person in the mirror.

This cycle of perfectionism is all about gaining control, and it can lead to many destructive behaviors. The truth is: you’ll never be happy this way.

The only way you find happiness is through self-acceptance. You have to learn to just be you. In this episode, you’ll learn how to tackle your shame and break your cycle of perfectionism.

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