#459 – Journey Of Attachment: Before You Were Programmed Into a Walking Reaction, Who Were You?

I received an email from a listener about being a walking reaction. We learned our behaviors as kids: right from wrong, manners, how to show emotions. Because of that, our decision-making is often just the reaction we’re programmed to take. We’re conditioned to feel a certain way. Most of us really aren’t our real selves and we have no idea who that is, and to want to meet ourselves is something we talk about, but rarely do anything to change.

How do we break free of our programming? We have to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, to learn what our own motivations are.

You can choose how you feel, but it starts with learning your triggers and why they exist. In this episode, we’ll break down how to unlearn the reactions of your past and find your inner motivations.

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