insecure attachment

#445 – Journey of Attachment: Can’t Get Enough of Your Insecure Attachment

This episode of the Journey of Attachment is going to be different. I made a post on Facebook in January asking you for all your questions on insecure attachment, and so today’s episode is my response to your submissions.

When you have insecure attachment issues, you listen and intellectualize. So if you’ve listened to my podcast before and you’ve identified yourself with what I talk about, you might have felt better about your issues for some time. But it always passes, right? Yes, it does and so you go back to feeling like you need more and more to feed your brain.

But feeding your brain without any action is doing nothing. Doing the work is not listening to the podcast over and over again. Doing the work is going deep and taking action. Taking action is scary because of a fear of lack of safety. But to take action that will really change your situation, you have to go right through the fear.

This episode is all about insecure attachment, so take the challenge from what I say today and turn it into action in your own life.

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