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#443 – Journey Of Attachment: Stop Trying to Convince Others You’re Okay; Learn You’re Lovable Now

Many of us do not have any idea we try to control anything outside of us, we are always just trying to feel okay. Do you try to control the people around you? Your goal is to convince them that you’re a certain type of person because you’re afraid they’ll see the real you. The fear of not being okay, because you basically don’t think you are unless someone else does has you stuck trying to control their view of you. You control their behaviors because you’re afraid of the way they’d treat you if you didn’t.

You don’t feel good enough, or loveable enough, so you’re stuck in the same cycle of unhappiness. You’re afraid to look inward at yourself, so you focus on anything else that you can control. Sound like another aspect of Impostor Syndrome? Yes, this is the aspect of how you cannot handle the end result if someone doesn’t see you how you need to be seen.

To stop this cycle of fear, you have to change why you have the messages you’re sending. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to let go of that need for control and find validation in yourself.

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