sever your attachment issues

Sever Your Attachment Issues

#421 – Journey Of Attachment: 3 Tips to Sever Your Attachment Issues and Learn Your Value

Do you never feel good enough for the people around you? You’re probably creating unreachable expectations for yourself. You can’t recognize your own value, so you become obsessed with getting validation from other people. Without even realizing it, you could be overcompensating for your self-doubts by pouring all of your energy into making other people happy.

These behaviors stem from fear and attachment. You’re overextending yourself because you’re afraid to disappoint the ones you love. You’re manipulating your behaviors to fulfill an image you only think your partner wants.

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated and upset, it’s time to discover your value. On today’s podcast, learn 3 tips to overcome your fears, recognize your attachment behaviors, and finally break the cycle of self-pity.

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