Preferring pain to pleasure

#406 – Preferring Pain to Pleasure Because It’s Not as Scary

Are you preferring pain to pleasure because it’s not scary? What do you do to block pleasure? Do you create obstacles for yourself to jump over in order to earn pleasure and happiness? Do you look joy in the face and say, “What did I do to deserve this? This must be a mistake!” If you are more comfortable with pain than pleasure, you’re not alone. Even if you WANT happiness and even visualize what it may look like, you probably fear it. Even during those fleeting moments of pleasure, there is a good chance you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, which means you never truly enjoy it. When you view life through the lens of work/reward, you believe you have to endure pain to get to pleasure.

Pleasure comes from allowing it; not when you have “earned” it or when the work is done, but every day. And you have the power to let it in. But allowing is uncomfortable when pain is what you’re used to. Deciding to enjoy an experience instead of trying to protect yourself from disappointment or figure out why it’s happening is a choice, and it involves breaking old patterns. Personal development work is hard, but it doesn’t mean you need to renounce joy. Every moment is an opportunity for joy, happiness, gratitude and pleasure. So go ahead… commit to daily pleasure. Be emotionally present and enjoy the good without any strings attached. Choose to smile, laugh and celebrate simply because you can.

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