#403- Journey of Attachment: Analyzing Your Feelings Will Not Get You Out of Your Situation

How much time do you spend analyzing the behavior of yourself and others to understand or figure things out? What about analyzing your feelings? Do you try to deconstruct why you’re feeling a certain way, or focus on how you SHOULD feel instead? Analysis keeps you in the same pattern of thinking, and thinking solves nothing on an emotional level. The only way to get emotional clarity is by actually feeling.

A common example is trying to figure out if you are in love with someone or attached to them. You start thinking about this person and the story you’ve created, so you’re not actually uncovering your true feelings about them. Instead, you have to go into your body and locate the physical feelings without analyzing or judging them. When you picture yourself with this person, do you feel connected to them, or does fear and anxiety erupt? Thinking about your feelings is safe, but when you analyze and ruminate, nothing changes. Connecting with your feelings allows you to piece together the parts of yourself you have disowned, and you’ll arrive at a much truer answer than if you try to think your way through it.

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