#396 – Why Do I Attract Untrustworthy People?

Do you believe you are a trustworthy person when it comes to love and relationships, yet have trouble trusting your partner (or potential partner)? Maybe you are afraid they will cheat so you use that as an excuse not to commit. When your behavior is in reaction to someone else (i.e. I’m not going to commit because I suspect he/she is cheating), there are definitely trust issues, but it’s actually not about the other person. It’s YOU that you don’t trust. When you don’t trust yourself, you end up with a ping pong match in your head because you can’t make a decision. Then, when you eventually do make a choice, you second-guess it.

Trust isn’t about what is comfortable or familiar, it’s about truth. It is definitely not the story in our head! If you are always in a state of truth with yourself and the world, you will feel more confident in your decisions. Become aware of your actions, particularly inconsistencies between what you say and what you do. If you say you want a healthy relationship, yet you stay in a non-committed relationship with someone you don’t trust, your words and actions don’t match. It’s much easier to slap the untrustworthy label on someone else, pointing out their inconsistencies, but until you acknowledge your own behavior and lack of trust in yourself, you won’t fully trust others.

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