Lack of Commitment

#394- How Your Lack of Commitment Shows Up Everywhere

If “what if’s” rule your world because you’re always afraid of making the wrong choice, you live your life with one foot in and one foot out. In other words, your lack of commitment keeps you stuck, convinced life is working against you. You will actually look for evidence to support your non-decision, then complain the Universe doesn’t have your back (but it doesn’t have your back because you haven’t put a stake in the ground). This plays out in all areas of life: dating but never committing to a relationship, calling your business a “hobby,” signing up for online classes you never finish, bouncing between different diets, etc., etc., etc.

When you don’t trust yourself to make a choice and stick with it, you avoid making one at all, telling yourself and others you want to “keep your options open.” You believe hedging like this will save you from pain, frustration, disappointment or failure, but it doesn’t. What you end up doing is robbing yourself of the sweetness of life. Instead of being in the moment, you are worried about everything you might be missing out on. Instead of waiting until you’re 100% sure of your choice (which won’t happen), look for what you are afraid of. And if your fear is directed at someone or something outside of you, shift the focus back to you. When you look at how your actions support a life in limbo, you can start taking new ones that lead to contentment and fulfillment.

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