#383- Journey of Attachment: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Every time you say, “My husband is a narcissist and I’m stuck here,” or “I’m never going to make more than $X because I have always earned a low salary,” you are telling yourself a story. You probably don’t even realize how many stories go through your head at any given time because they run on autopilot, based on judgments you have made. But guess what? You created them, so you also have the power to change them.

Let’s say you believe your sister is always angry with you, no matter what you do. When she hosts family gatherings at her house instead of yours it’s because you’ve done something to piss her off. You think she doesn’t care about your family, so you are always on the defense when she calls. Even when she’s nice, you look for evidence to support the story she’s always angry with you. Assuming the ending to a situation that hasn’t unfolded yet is how you keep your life limited. Instead, pay attention to your thoughts and judgments about yourself and others. Question them. What if they weren’t true? You can choose to react to situations based on your stories, or you can question their validity and write yourself a different ending.






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