#381- Journey of Attachment: Trying to Stay in Your Numb Bubble

Do you avoid negative emotions like the plague? Maybe you only believe in being positive, so when negativity sneaks up, you don’t want to deal with it. You shove it down, but eventually hit the tipping point where fear, depression and anxiety pop up. Feeling totally out of control, you’re desperate to get back to feeling ok again, except you really weren’t ok to begin with—you were in a numb bubble.

Perhaps you tell people you’re happily single and have no desire for a relationship. You go to work, come home and have a set routine. You feel a false sense of peace and happiness because everything is under your control, but it’s an illusion. Suddenly you lose your job or meet someone you hadn’t planned on and your world is upended. When you are used to your cozy numb bubble, actual feelings can be overwhelming. But staying in the bubble is small and limited, not allowing you to live in a meaningful way. To truly experience all that life has to offer you have to step into your fear and FEEL your negative emotions. It really is the way out because numbness does not equal happiness.






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