#379- Journey of Attachment: Were You a Sensitive Kid?

Did things affect you deeply as a kid, feeling overly sensitive to everything around you? I used to feel my doll’s pain, my stuffed animals’ pain, and even a caterpillar’s pain! Maybe your heart ached when someone got yelled at (or when you were yelled at). Whatever it was, people around you probably told you to get over it. Then, you started to shut down those feelings and disown them because you felt shame. You created a hard shell to protect yourself from your own sensitivity so it wouldn’t show to others, which snowballed into other avoidant behaviors. Swallowing your feelings was a way of receiving validation that you weren’t an overreacting crazy person. It was how you avoided rejection.

When you equate sensitivity with pain and potential loss, you will work really hard to cover up your feelings and hide who you are. You may play the role of the funny people-pleaser, always looking for validation that you’re ok. Or maybe you create your own fantasy world to live in which is safe, but deeply lonely. However, being sensitive is actually a good thing when you fully embody it and use it as your superpower for your own emotions and desires. Reconnecting with that sensitive kid inside and embracing all the feelings you have shoved down will give you an incredible sense of peace and well-being. Sensitivity is a gift.






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