#364 – Please Go F**k Up Your Life

#364 – Please Go F**k Up Your Life

#364 – Please Go F**K Up Your Life

Some kind of advice, right? Having permission to do what it is you fear will f**k up your life is usually what will actually give you the life you want. It won’t destroy you, fear is the very element that holds us back from moving forward, moving on and making the change you want to happen.

Emotional commitment is truly unmatchable. When you step outside of your head, stop asking for advice from others, you are taking steps toward f**king your life up as it feels like you are free-floating unsure of where you may land. And that is ok! Sure, life’s not exactly problem free, but if you choose to do nothing then whatever situation you’re in will continue to remain static. Most of the reactions you’ll get from people are based on their own life experiences, so how is that relevant to you? Exactly. So go f**k up your life and it will, inevitably un-f**k your life.

True change lives outside of your comfort zone. It’s to see, feel and know your fear, and go through it like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (and don’t hold on, let it take where you it takes you). So here’s your chance. It’s time to stop asking for outside opinions and asking others what you should do and just do it for yourself. The outcome will not only un-fk your life, it will build confidence to trust yourself. Join me for this podcast I’ll discuss the best steps for taking that narrative stick of dynamite and letting er’ rip to create the change you really need and want.






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