#363- Journey of Attachment: Love Your Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t the enemy—it’s just trying to do its job. It sounds the alarm when fear comes up, stepping in to take care of things. It provides a clue to your internal workings: where you lack trust, what you fear, what you don’t accept, etc. It is wrapped up with self-judgment and the fear of being seen. Trying to fix it by solving external problems won’t work. Even if the situation stops causing anxiety, that sleeping bear still lives inside you. Anxiety grows when you hate it, disown it, try to reason with it and push it away. Instead of running from it, sit with it. Listen to what it tells you. It can lead to some eye-opening truths that may be hard to see.

Being whole means accepting the dark and the light, the negative and the positive. These are all parts of you that need to be embraced. Trying to ignore the dark and disowning those parts of yourself will leave you stuck in resistance. Start by reintegrating the “negative” aspects of yourself you have abandoned; the parts that are shameful or make you cringe. When you stop hiding your imperfections and accept ALL parts of yourself, anxiety will stop controlling you. To be happy is to be whole, and you can’t be whole when you only accept your positive attributes. We are all flawed. Embrace it. Love it.






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