#347- Journey of Attachment: The “It’s Complicated” Relationship Status

#347- Journey of Attachment: The “It’s Complicated” Relationship Status

#347- Journey of Attachment: The “It’s Complicated” Relationship Status

Do you put up with complicated relationships? “It’s Complicated” as a relationship status is a bit of a cultural joke because it rings true so often, but does it have to be that way? Is it fun to feel frustrated and misunderstood? Or put forth a lot of effort and feel the other person isn’t pulling their weight? Then why choose to have those people in your life? This isn’t just about intimate relationships; it can extend to friends and family as well. Perhaps you believe some relationships are inherently complicated and it’s just something to live with.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is married, it may “work” for both of you, but you label it as complicated. You figure that’s just how these relationships go and convince yourself it’s ok, but you’re not truly happy. When you believe it’s something you need to accept and deal with, you absolve yourself of the responsibility for choosing to be there. It also serves as a cover for avoiding your deeper emotions. If that’s the way things are, no need to connect with your feelings about it, right? Unfortunately that just discounts and invalidates how you feel, and when you do this, you will never be satisfied with your situation. Relationships are only complicated if you allow them to be.






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