#342- Being Wrongly Blamed or Accused

Blaming others is a way of avoiding responsibility, but what if YOU are the one who is blamed? And what if you’re blamed for something you didn’t do? If you were blamed a lot as a kid by your parents, siblings, friends, etc., it is probably a trigger for you as an adult. Maybe you feel like you have a magnet inside, attracting situations where you end up as the fall guy for stuff you didn’t do. Those magnets are often negative beliefs like “I am bad,” or “I am wrong,” or “I deserve misfortune.” It can also lead to overcompensation where you rescue others and people-please to prove you really are a good person.

Maybe you’re blamed for dropping the ball on a project when it was someone else’s responsibility. You get yelled at for something your co-worker said he/she would do, but didn’t. You bend over backwards trying to fix things, even though it’s not your problem to fix, because you feel awful and want to avoid further blame. Maybe your negative beliefs even convince you it IS your fault. If you’re blamed for something you didn’t do, realize it’s about the other person and their issues (often insecurity). It’s heavy, it’s not yours and you don’t need to take it on.







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