#338- What Happens When You Avoid Confrontation?

#338- What Happens When You Avoid Confrontation?

#338- What Happens When You Avoid Confrontation?

Most people don’t like confrontation, avoiding it like the plague. It’s a way of hiding out. It’s also a stressful way to live because it creates a lot of internal and external drama. You may be afraid that someone will get mad at you, judge you or even leave you. It’s easier to keep quiet than to speak up and deal with any potential consequence, right? Better to have everyone think you’re this great, easy-going person. You don’t want to be known as a pot stirrer or bad guy. Who want’s that around?

By not having difficult conversations, however, you actually create the drama, guilt and anxiety you are trying to avoid. Those emotions are heavy and you end up carrying them with you. Confrontation is uncomfortable because you’re afraid of what may happen. You want to control how other people feel about you… but you can’t. Trying to keep the peace or make other people happy comes at the expense of your own well-being. You pay a hefty price for going along to get along. Are you sure it’s worth it?





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