#337- Journey of Attachment: In Or Out, Get Off The Fence

Are you stuck in a state of limbo, waiting for something to change? Maybe you’re in a dysfunctional relationship, hoping your partner will make a decision for the both of you. You’re physically present, but don’t look at why you are choosing to stay while doing nothing to improve things. Let’s say you’re married and resent your spouse for not communicating, never wanting to do anything fun, etc. But you don’t leave… and you also don’t work on the relationship. You exist in this half in/half out state, never addressing your fear around choosing to leave or emotionally committing to the relationship. Maybe you don’t want to make a wrong choice, or you feel lost and confused, but not making a choice about your relationship is actually a choice.

Limbo-land creates its own drama and it can keep you stuck for a very long time, waiting for a sign that never comes. If you find yourself occupying this middle ground, look at your fear around making a decision. What are you avoiding by staying where you are? How does it keep you safe? Instead of blaming your partner or outside circumstances, ask yourself what YOU are doing to create your reality. You can spend your whole life teetering on the fence, staying miserably stuck because you’re afraid to make a move. Or you can pick a side, jump with both feet in and actually live.





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