#324- I’m Entitled to More Than This

Some people get angry when things don’t go according to plan, believing they are owed something. This may be a successful job, great relationship, health, happiness, etc. Basically it’s an expectation that everything externally should align with what you feel you deserve. A lot of this starts in childhood, then society layers on top of it. But when you think the world has to cooperate with your expectations, you are powerless.

Maybe you’re in a relationship where you expect your partner to be everything you want. You DESERVE someone who washes the dishes, buys thoughtful gifts and anticipates your needs. But when your partner fails, you get angry and maybe even tell him/her how they fall short. You criticize and blame them for your unhappiness instead of looking at your expectations and how you treat yourself. It’s a form of victimhood.

Nothing is owed to anyone. If you want something, YOU need to make it happen. As long as you wait for other people to act how you want them to, you’ll be frustrated and disappointed. This isn’t about settling, which is accepting breadcrumbs because you don’t feel you deserve what you want. It’s about taking the reins, meeting your own emotional needs and making things happen. Otherwise you’ll keep riding in the backseat of your own life.





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