#302- Regrets and Limitations are Dream Killers

A lot of people have limitations that keep their dreams at bay. Sometimes these limitations are conscious, sometimes not. Your negative beliefs are part of what limits you (feeling you don’t deserve, you’re a failure, etc.), but examples set by others also play a role. You hear about regrets from others and think that’s a normal part of life, so giving up on your dream becomes a learned behavior. Without realizing it you’ve allowed these people to kill your dreams and you think it’s no big deal. WHAT?

Maybe your dad had a business that did really well, then he lost it. Your lifestyle changed and he taught you that being an entrepreneur would make you poor. He regretted his decision to go off on his own and you grew up with that example. Fast forward to your adult life where you want to start your own business, but all of these old thoughts and feelings hold you back. You succumb to that fear, stay at the job you hate and give up on your dream because that’s just how life goes. It feels like the responsible thing to do, but there is still a big part of you that wants to do it.

Limitations are completely self-imposed. It’s not something outside of you, and it doesn’t take a “special” kind of person. The only thing holding you back is YOU. If you have a dream you’re not pursuing, look at the fear that holds you back. Dreams result from action, so step into what you fear. By taking incremental actions in the direction of what you want, your dream will start to feel within reach.






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