#289- Journey of Attachment: There is No Crystal Ball, Road Map or Guarantee

#289- Journey of Attachment: There is No Crystal Ball, Road Map or Guarantee


#289- Journey of Attachment: There is No Crystal Ball, Road Map or Guarantee

A lot of people who are insecure about their situation want to predict the future. They want to know what to expect so they are prepared. If this is you, perhaps you turn to friends, psychics, therapists, etc. to assure you everything will be ok. But why? Where does this stem from. Yep, your good old friend fear: fear of loss, fear of surrender (letting go of control), fear of judgment, fear of the unknown, etc. If you know the outcome to something, you think you can strategize the steps to get there, which is much more comforting than moving forward into the unknown. But trying to predict the future robs you of the present.

If you’re in a relationship and want your partner to commit, you may cling to a fantasy future together… maybe it’s a future someone told you would happen. But then you start to cherry-pick your partner’s words and actions to support this fantasy while disregarding the rest. You think you’re working toward this outcome, but it’s by force and not necessarily based in reality. It’s ok to want a committed relationship… with SOMEONE. Focus on that while letting go of what happens to get there (or who it’s with). That’s the uncertainty part it’s uncomfortable because the future is totally unknown.

Pinning your hopes on a future outcome keeps you living in a fantasy which will ultimately lead to disappointment because you’re not going to get what you want. Predictions are limiting and keep you living small. When you focus on being present and accepting the disappointments of life, you are better able to allow the future to unfold, believing it will ultimately support you. The safety you’re looking for will never come from predictions, and no one can reassure you that you’re on the right path. There are no crystal balls for relationships or any other part of life, so stop looking for answers. Instead, sit with the discomfort of not knowing what will happen. That’s where all the good stuff lives!


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