#282- Surrendering to “What Is” to Create Change

#282- Surrendering to “What Is” to Create Change


#282- Surrendering to “What Is” to Create Change

The best way to change anything in your life is through surrender, whether that be a relationship, job, house, etc. Doing things the same way you’ve always done them doesn’t lead to different results. If you’re arguing with the circumstances around you, you’re not open to receiving what you want. You’re not open to what the road looks like. It’s going to be different than you imagined. Keeping everything the same and waiting for the universe, God or your fairy godmother to deliver what you want isn’t how change works.

Let’s say you want a relationship, but everything you’re doing feels like drudgery. Been there, done that! With your focus on what might be wrong with a potential suitor, everyone you encounter online becomes a loser. You complain on the one hand, wondering why you are attracting them, yet hope something will magically shift and you’ll meet the perfect person while continuing to do the same things. This keeps you in a state of struggle with yourself and everyone else. Surrender means to let go of struggle; to stop pushing, fighting and complaining. Surrender is knowing where you want to go, taking steps with self-awareness, but not knowing how you’ll get there. This doesn’t mean you’ve given up; quite the contrary. When you surrender, you’re actually participating in the change you want to happen. It’s time to be curious instead of judgmental.

Surrender is counterintuitive for people who believe they need to put more effort into it mentally, instead of allowing and opening up emotionally. Does more effort ever lead to emotional fulfillment of what you want? If you’re not getting results, isn’t time for an easier way? Surrender doesn’t mean you’ve left it all up to chance… you have to be clear on what you want. The universe is always a reflection of what is within you so if you’re clear, committed and willing to let go of what will lead you there, change will happen.


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