#276- I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Eat and I Don’t Know Why

Have you ever had a conversation that went perfectly in your mind, but emotionally you held back in some way so you ended up with a stomach ache or unable to sleep? Your conscious mind gave you the thumbs up, but your subconscious knows you didn’t honor yourself emotionally, so your body reacted negatively. This happens when your head and your gut are out of alignment, and it can manifest in different ways: insomnia, back pain, loss of appetite, stomach ache, etc. It’s a sign you’re going against yourself.

When someone flakes on plans and you tell them it’s no big deal (but really you’re hurt or disappointed), you might get a tightening in your body. Perhaps it doesn’t happen right away, but later you find yourself stiff or not wanting to eat. Pay attention—your body is saying you’re not at peace with things. There’s a conflict going on. Listening to your head while ignoring your body will leave you stuck in a repetitive cycle of discomfort. Whenever you try to mentally manage situations without checking in with your feelings, you’re causing yourself more trauma. Instead, look at what you’re trying to control and do a body check. Pay attention to any tightness or pain, then connect with your feelings. Can you allow them to surface? Shoving them down will prolong your suffering. And next time, speak your truth, even if it means telling someone an uncomfortable truth. Honoring your feelings will keep your head and body in alignment so you feel mentally, physically and emotionally better.


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