#250- Universe, Please Stop Beating Me Up

#250- Universe, Please Stop Beating Me Up

#250- Universe, Please Stop Beating Me Up

The universe is powerful to be sure, but I speak to many people who believe it is in control and we’re just along for the ride. They think the universe decides if you should be punished or rewarded. This is simply not true. The universe does not act independently of you, serving as judge and jury. It comes from its connection to you—matching what’s inside you and supporting what you put out there. It does NOT govern your life. Blaming the universe or believing it’s out to get you just takes the responsibility off yourself. You choose your reality.

If you’re single and putting yourself out there, yet you keep dating the same kind of person (i.e. not your match), you may feel the universe is punishing you. Why else would you be suffering through this? You’re on all the dating sites and saying “yes” to dates, thinking you’re doing everything right. It’s because the punishment you believe is coming from the universe starts inside. You are creating it by the walls you put up, ensuring your negative beliefs keep you single. The universe is not conspiring against you, and blaming it just creates a limited existence where you stay stuck and powerless.

What do you think the universe is keeping from you, and why don’t you believe you deserve it? When you hear a punishing story in your head, it comes from a deeper place. Look at the negative belief attached to it. Remember, the universe is a reflection of what lives inside you, so that’s where you need to place your focus. Not outside of you. When you’re vulnerable and open yourself up, the universe will match that and support you in ways you never imagined. But it has to start with you. You’re in the driver’s seat; the universe is riding shotgun.



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