#240- Stop Mentally Managing Your Life

#240- Stop Mentally Managing Your Life

#240- Stop Mentally Managing Your Life


When your head talks you in and out of things, it means your mind is in control and your emotions are out of reach. Mentally managing everything leads to second guessing your decisions so you’re never truly at peace. Anxiety kicks in and you become overwhelmed because you’re searching your head for answers that never come. Perhaps you even seek advice from other people, hoping someone will say the magic word that makes everything click. If you do get that validation, your head is satisfied… but you’re often still left wondering if you made the right choice. Something inside feels unsettled.

Decisions are made from your head when you don’t trust yourself. Society tells us to ignore what we feel and listen to what we think. Maybe you need to plan everything out, accounting for every possible outcome. This can happen at any level… from choosing a job to deciding how to respond to a text. When you are afraid of uncertainty and want to control the outcome, you count on your head for the answer. But going the mental route usually leaves you feeling confused, stuck and discontent.

To better connect with your inner voice and allow that to guide you, accept where you are. Otherwise you’ll spend all your time in your head looking for a way to escape. If you don’t feel your way through, you’re mentally managing and have accepted nothing. It’s also important not to rely on the advice of others—they don’t have as much invested in your choices as you do. If you think they’re judging you, you’ll make a decision based on that rather than what you feel inside. Remember, no one is living your life but you. Feel it. Own it. Do it.

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