#237- Journey of Attachment: Taking Emotionally Risky Action

#237- Journey of Attachment: Taking Emotionally Risky Action

#237- Journey of Attachment: Taking Emotionally Risky Action

The people who listen to my podcast are seeking some sort of change in their lives, but most want that change to live in their head. You may believe focusing on others or wanting external change will make a difference, but it doesn’t. Your mind is running the show, and the authentic part of you is nowhere to be found. To create lasting change, you MUST take an emotionally risky action—something that scares you. Nothing will happen while sitting in an armchair. Connect with your inner voice so you’re able to take emotional action that’s in alignment with your authentic self.

I do this all the time. I look for emotionally risky action whenever I find walls within myself. If it doesn’t make me feel vulnerable, it’s not risky enough. This is the only way to get unstuck. I know there is fear in risking what you currently have, but taking action in face of that fear is where shifts happen. Stop looking for external clues, and start connecting internally. Action involves speaking your truth and taking positive steps forward; doing something that lights you up.

Change doesn’t happen outside of you, and it doesn’t happen in your head. For deep, lasting change you must take emotionally risky action. It is through doing that we challenge our negative beliefs and change our patterns. You can’t travel the world from your sofa. You may read about places and imagine yourself there, but the only way to truly experience the world is to get out there. Same goes for change. You can think about change and imagine a different life for yourself, but until you start DOING, you’ll stay right where you are.

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