#230- Resistance keeps you from EVERYTHING you want

#230- Resistance keeps you from EVERYTHING you want


#230- Resistance keeps you from EVERYTHING you want

Resistance is everywhere, and it’s always in reaction to something. That means it’s not an innate action; it’s learned. And you know what that means? It can be unlearned, but it’s tough when people are resistant to being in resistance! Resistance means you have a problem with something in your reality. You don’t want to accept things as they are. You’ll find it crop up in relationships, jobs, politics, friendships… everywhere.

Many people are resistant to seeing relationships as they really are. Instead they create a fantasy based on what they want, then react negatively when the reality doesn’t match. Fear of loss is usually at the core, so people avoid their feelings and mentally strategize ways of forcing the reality they want. Staying in this place and feeling like crap is usually preferable to giving up on the fantasy because it’s safe and doesn’t require you to do anything differently. But it will never lead to what you want.

To move out of resistance, stop complaining about the situation. Accept things AS THEY ARE and refocus your energy on what emotional action you can take to change things. The antidote to resistance is action, but not mental action. You must be present and connected to the action emotionally. Robotically doing things differently will not move you out of resistance because it’s your attempt to solve things mentally. Emotionally risky actions are scary, but once you leap, and keep leaping, you’ll feel a whole lot better. This is how the patterns of resistance break down.

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