#226- How Empowerment Changes Every Relationship In Your Life

#226- How Empowerment Changes Every Relationship In Your Life

 #226- How Empowerment Changes Every Relationship In Your Life

As you grow and become empowered, everything changes around you. One of the more difficult parts of growth is possible loss. As you grow, what used to suit you doesn’t anymore. Other people may see you differently and not like it, and/or you may see THEM differently and not like it. In general, people want you to stay the same because it’s comfortable, even if they don’t consciously realize what is making them uncomfortable. Sensing something is different about you makes them uneasy. But empowerment means you get to feel good in any situation, knowing you can decide how you respond (or don’t respond). And that’s pretty amazing. Instead of trying to please others, you realize it’s disappointing; and if you are constantly giving up your power, you quickly find yourself angry and resentful. Empowerment changes that—the power is within you for your own happiness. It does not exist externally.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama of other people, personalizing what they say and do. It used to happen with my parents all the time. I’d find myself upset by the way my mom treated my dad, but I’ve finally gotten to a place of compassion where I’m able to see both of them for who they are. Instead of being a participant and internalizing everything, I’m a spectator. The things that used to drive me crazy no longer do because I’ve learned how to take care of myself and not allow the issues of others affect me. Other people may not change, but you get to choose if and how you participate.

Empowerment means you get to be you no matter what anyone else thinks, says or wants. It’s important if you want to be in control of your life. How many people do you dread seeing because you don’t want to get stuck in their drama? Well, you can choose NOT to get stuck in it. It really is a choice. You don’t need to avoid these people or cut them out of your life; quite the contrary. You get to decide how you interact with them, and how much you personalize it. Empowerment comes from being around them, but not engaging. It really is a choice.


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