#219- Journey of Attachment: Why Won’t He/She Commit?

#219- Journey of Attachment: Why Won’t He/She Commit?

#219- Journey of Attachment: Why Won’t He/She Commit?

A lot of people have one foot in and one foot out… in all areas of life. In this podcast, however, I’m going to focus on commitment (or lack thereof) when it comes to long-term relationships, whether you are in one or want to be in one. We are often quick to point out someone else’s commitment issues while failing to see our own. Remember, other people are a mirror for you. Whatever you identify as a problem in someone else is likely a problem for you.

As an example: When you think, “If my partner really loved me, he/she would marry me,” you’re focused on what you can get from them; you’re giving your power away. That statement comes from fear, not love. Marriage may provide temporary validation, but it can’t fill the emptiness inside of you. In dysfunctional relationships, we wait for the other person to change, because we think WE are the healthy one. Nope, not true. It takes two to tango so if you believe it’s all on your partner, you’re wrong.

The question isn’t, “How do I get a commitment from my partner?” You need to ask yourself why you want the commitment, and why it’s more important than anything else. Dig deep, why must you have this commitment? What does it give you inside of yourself? Where do you feel insecure, and why do you think that will go away if this person commits to you? These are hard questions, but you need to be clear with yourself before you can have clarity with your partner… which is the next step. Have a conversation that isn’t an ultimatum. Say what’s true for you. Get vulnerable and express your fears. Commitment isn’t about the other person; it’s about honoring yourself and what you want on a DEEPER level.

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