#214- When Pain Is In The Driver’s Seat

#214- When Pain Is In The Driver’s Seat

#214- When Pain Is In The Driver’s Seat

Many people go through life with a certain level of pain, not realizing how much of their behavior is driven by it. What is pain? Anything in your life that is dissatisfying. It’s whatever you feel you can’t handle, or what you TRY to handle with mental strategies. It is attached to your negative core beliefs (and there is usually more than one operating): I’m worthless, I don’t deserve, I’m a failure, I’m unlovable, I’m meant to be alone, etc.

Although pain is familiar because it’s what we know, we also try to avoid feeling it by numbing, distracting and punishing ourselves or others. Wherever you have a dysfunctional relationship, pain is likely at play. Unfortunately you can’t get rid it by snapping your fingers, but you can move it out of the driver’s seat by getting uncomfortable. Discomfort is actually the opposite of pain. It requires you to let go of control, sit with unpleasant emotions and take different actions. Can you see the difference? Public speaking is uncomfortable, but it’s not pain.

When you operate from a place of love and vulnerability, opportunities appear. When you operate from pain, nothing works. As you become aware of pain as your motivation, and how it is tied to your negative beliefs, you can start to break it down.

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