#211- Journey of Attachment: Stop Choosing Fear

Fear is something we’re all familiar with. We have experiences from childhood that leave us feeling sad, disconnected and fearful, so we go around not trusting life. Instead, we trying to control everything. Attached relationships are born of fear… the fear of intimacy, the fear of being seen, the fear of receiving, etc. Do you know what the opposite of fear is? Love. We choose fear over love all the time without even knowing it.

When we’re afraid, we go straight to our head and try to circumvent it logically, ignoring our gut. We don’t want to make a mistake. When fear leads, we try to control things so we can avoid negative outcomes. Focusing on negative outcomes usually results in them happening, however, which leaves us angry because we think life is working against us. We don’t realize WE are choosing fear.

There is always fear when it comes to change, but it’s the degree to which you allow it to rule your decisions. Acknowledge the fear, then get to know it. Ask yourself where it’s coming from and FEEL what comes up. Don’t answer from your head. Maybe it’s a past situation that led to pain so you want to avoid it happening again, like a relationship where you were hurt. But you don’t have to hit repeat. You can approach it differently this time; you can acknowledge your fear and step into it anyway. Fear will leave you feeling empty inside if you let it lead. Stop choosing fear.

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