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Tracy Crossley

Intuitive Reinvention

Things Aren't Right

You Know it, but you can't quite put your finger on it.
And you want it fixed... NOW.

You’ve read books, bought a new home and boarded planes to escape, but you’re still stuck in the same place. You may have it together on the outside with multiple degrees, something resembling a relationship or success in business, but you still feel insecure. Even anxious. Why? You can try on a new outfit, but that doesn’t change what’s underneath.

The subconscious is the holder of your rules which are meant to keep you safe, but often keep you limited. If you’re repeating the same patterns, it’s time to look at where you have attachment. Perhaps you need validation from another person, or someone/something to “rescue” you from your current existence. Consciously you know the savior on the white horse doesn’t exist, yet the deeper part of you keeps searching… and hoping. That savior can be a partner, a friend, a job, a trip or even a mortgage; anything outside yourself you think will fix things.

But guess what? Nothing external will save you (you’re smart so you probably know that… on an intellectual level). Change only comes from connecting emotionally. Inside. And accepting every part of yourself.

Using energy, intuition and psychology, I dig into what’s really going on (chances are it’s not what you think!). Then I provide tools to chip away at the real blocks… not the ones you’ve unsuccessfully tried to knock down.

I’ve been there, and will navigate so you stop rationalizing and start seeing movement.


In Tracy’s Words (And Others)

Meet Tracy

Tracy Crossley is a Master Intuitive based in LA County where she conducts sessions in person, over the phone and through Skype. Her blend of intuition, business acumen, psychology, Reiki, spirituality and subconscious pattern breaking helps people identify their real obstacles and connect emotionally. Her straightforward approach has attracted CEOs, people in work/life transition and other Type A individuals who think intellectualizing problems is the key to solving them (Hint: it isn’t).

Tracy studied neuropsychology and received her BA from Charter Oak State College. She is a Reiki Master and blogger for publications such as Huffington Post and elephant journal. Learn more about Tracy.