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Tracy Crossley

CONGRATULATIONS! You're ready to get rid of
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Most people think you have your shit together...

… and you work pretty hard to convince them (and yourself) it’s true.

Insecure attachment sucks. I have been anxious and I have been an avoidant. I conquered my issues of yo-yo relationships, distancing, clinging, numbness mixed with low level (and high levels) of anxiety. I can help you to stop the merry go round once and for all. If I can do it and move on to a happy healthy relationship, so can you!

You deserve to be happy! Hell yeah! Well-being is yours if you want it, but you gotta roll up your sleeves and do the work of learning a new way of seeing yourself and your life. No, you won’t blink your eyes and “poof” things have changed. It’s about getting out of the shit show of dysfunctional insecurely attached relationships and into healthy, happy and loving relationships.

Hi, I’m Tracy, a behavioral relationship expert, let’s put an end to your insecure attachment issues once and for all! Join me.

I am ready to get out of my
insecure attachment hell!

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In Tracy’s Words

Why Trying To Avoid Pain Doesn’t Make you Happy

Pain sucks. No one likes it, but those who are securely attached deal with it as part of life while Avoidants go to great lengths in an effort to avoid it. Who are avoidants or those who are anxious avoidants? In the world of insecure attachment, these people are the ones who wanted nothing to

Surviving to Thriving: Lucia Giovannini

Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment LUCIA GIOVANNINI In this episode of “Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming My Darkest Moment” I talk with Lucia Giovannini, a former Italian supermodel turned best-selling author, spiritual teacher, transformational coach, environmental & animal activist, and author of 13 books. Listen in as she takes us through her journey of

#380- Catch Yourself A Happy Fish

#380- Catch Yourself A Happy Fish When it comes to partners, do you pick ones who are generally happy or generally miserable? Do they walk around with a dark cloud overhead, complaining all the time, or do they smile when doing small tasks like folding the laundry? The people you are drawn to reflect your

Meet Tracy

Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert and Pattern Buster whose work centers on emotional connection—with ourselves and others. She helps people get out of their head to uncover the belief system that drives their behavior, then guides them through emotionally-driven actions to break the patterns that keep them stuck. As someone who struggled with insecure attachment issues for most of her life, Tracy shares her experiences with equal parts empathy and humor. She’s been there, and knows how much is available to those who refuse to settle. The work she does leads to self-acceptance, emotional freedom and a more authentic life. Learn more about Tracy and the work she does.