Work With Me

Work with me begins with a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Session so we can try each other on. It will give me an idea of where you are, where you want to be and what is in your way. It’s also an opportunity to determine what options may be best for you, including (but not limited to) coaching with me. Not everyone is ready for coaching with me, and it’s not economically viable for some, so I’ll also offer alternatives, like my other coaches or a special group. If you are contemplating working with me directly, I’ll talk about what that process is like. My policy on the Discovery Session is ZERO obligation (please read my refund policy page to understand the commitment you are making if you proceed beyond the discovery session).

This is NOT a trial session where we dig into a particular topic.

An important note about coaching: Coaching requires a commitment of time, money and hard work. I love what I do and I want our sessions to be productive, so I only accept one-on-one clients who are open, willing and dedicated to the emotional work required. Again, if this isn’t the right path for you, there are other options. Please read about my mentoring packages before you book a Discovery Session to make sure you understand what I offer.

Please note that although these sessions are complimentary, I do set aside time in my calendar. If you need to re-schedule or cancel, I ask you to do so at least 24 hours in advance so I can free up that time.

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Individual Mentoring Program With Tracy

This is for people who are fully committed to deep work. My coaching program is a sort of “incubator” where you have full access to me and the tools I offer. Not only is it a commitment of time and money, but also a commitment to hard work, openness and vulnerability. Anything less will not produce lasting results. This isn’t a short cut to fixing your problems; you will be constantly challenged and pushed beyond your comfort zone to reveal your deeper beliefs, which affect your behavior.

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Individual Mentoring With Other Coaches

I have been training two new coaches— clients of mine who are familiar with my method and style.  They’ve both completed their initial hourly coaching requirement and currently have paid clients. Since they are still early in their coaching career, their fee is much less than mine, but I am 100% confident in their ability. I wouldn’t endorse them otherwise. These women are brilliant, self-aware, compassionate and empathetic, with a deep desire to help others. The feedback I’ve received from their clients is overwhelmingly positive, and I’m thrilled to introduce them to a wider audience!

Learn more about coaches Alexis and Tracey. You can set up complementary Discovery Sessions with them directly, via their pages, to see if it’s a good fit! Or, feel free to set one up with me and I can advise on all options, including which of my coaches I would recommend based on your needs and their area of focus.

Small Group Coaching with Tracy

This group will set a precedent for individuals looking to get insight, move out of their own way and hear others speak about very similar emotional states/issues while being coached by me. Starting in January 2018, I need at least 6 participants with a maximum of 10-12 individuals for this group. At this time, I have 3 people interested. The group will meet 3 times a month for 50 minutes each time. The group will also have its own private FB group—to ask questions, get extra coaching and interact with each other. All sessions will be recorded (in case you miss one). The price is 257.00 a month (you can cancel at any time, but anything you have paid is nonrefundable). It is helpful to have the accountability and someone who will not let you off the hook when it comes to seeing what lies beneath the surface with your beliefs and patterns. You want change–it is absolutely essential to have help from someone in terms of shortening the process. I plan on replacing a major portion of my one on one sessions with group sessions in 2018. If interested, please email me to sign up or click the link below to book a discovery session.

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Cancellation Policy

Once scheduled, you may move a session to another date within 48 hours of appointment time. After 48 hours no changes can be made. Please note, while Discovery Sessions are complimentary, I do set aside time in my schedule so I respectfully request at least 24-hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!