5 Secrets to Falling in Love with your Life with or without your Soulmate Audio

5 Secrets to Falling in Love with your Life with or without your Soulmate!


Feel a sense of connection that never dies or that you can’t escape?

You thought this was the perfect mate and perfect relationship, she even said so too!

Yup! Been there myself. I met my last soulmate a handful of years ago. We basically shared the same breath, the same thoughts, interests and outlook on life. We were electric physically and could talk for hours and hours.

The thing is there was a HIGH degree of abandonment, emotionally and physically.

There was also a lot of living on what was said rather than what was acted upon to show commitment. The entire relationship was saturated with a deep feeling of insecurity coupled with the high of having found my other half. How could I EVER let go?

In this audio, I share the tools to help you let go of this nightmare.

The nightmare of being stuck and disempowered in a dead end relationship or one that has been over for a long time. It might even be that your relationship can be resuscitated, BUT it’s not going to happen with how you’re being in it now!

After a few sessions working with Tracy, I went from completely stuck and hopeless, to unstuck and hopeful. She is very easy to talk to and very skilled on identifying limiting patterns. Tracy has been helping a great deal on bringing awareness to my thoughts and eliminating whatever has no use in my life anymore. Working with Tracy has been an eye opening to many issues that have been standing in my way to have a more fulfilled relation in my life. I’m so glad I started this journey and I feel very lucky to have such a compassionate and encouraging person to have a more fulfilled life and break limiting patterns, that working with you is a real game changer. Tracy, thank you for your support and help! -C

I really appreciated this audio…it spurred me into action that same day! -Laura

This is my method included in this audio.

Follow this L.O.V.E.R. method and put the pint of ice cream away!

stands for LOSE CONTROL and FIND YOURSELF. Letting go of the illusion of control of your partner with the easy steps I have outlined will give you a freedom you never thought possible. Once you lose control over your partner and the relationship now you can focus on finding yourself, through self-acceptance! So, get ready for some transformation!

stands for OPENNESS to VULNERABILITY. Time to get real. Get authentic and find your true strength leading you to create REAL boundaries that you can easily live with and stand behind.

stands for VALIDATION equals APPROVAL. Whether the person you need approval from is standing in front of you or is some other entity, let go of approval once and for all!

stands for EMOTIONAL EXPIRATION. Just like milk past it’s due date…stay til you can’t drink it anymore.  You will know what clarity and resolution mean emotionally that will guarantee you will never end up weak, out of control or feeling rejected like this again.

is for REFLECTION. YOUR mate is YOUR mirror!

Why wait another day wondering if you can ever feel hope and happiness again!!