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  • Gift #1: Audio MP3 -Validation from Approval
  • Gift #2: E-book – ’10 minutes to a Rockin’ Relationship’
  • Gift #3: Inspiration Connection Ezine
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Finally! Here are 3 FREE gifts to help you identify the beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back so you can take actionable steps to start achieving the results you want in business and in life. (Plus an exclusive bonus gift below!)

Gift #1: Audio MP3 – Validation From Approval

  • How validation creates poor relationship boundaries attracting difficult men/women.valid
  • Why overdoing being nice, giving into what you assume they want from you or go out of your way for them just to gain their love will NOT  get you what you want.
  • Why we feel we need our date or mate’s stamp of approval.

Gift #2: E-book: 10 minutes to a Rockin’ Relationship

  • Is your mantra: “Why does he or she always do that? Find out how to change that statement.
  • How assuming, analyzing and personalizing don’t help us to get along with anyone. relationship
  • Protection is an illusion, learn what to really do to get the love you want.

Gift #3: The “Inspiration” Ezine

In less than 3 minutes, my ezine will share with you quick and powerful tips to help you start getting the results you want! The focus of this ezine is to help you:

  • Tips on taking a quantum leap personally and professionallynewsletter
  • Body, mind and soul, posts to bring you more awareness
  • Keep up on the latest events and info to help you create abundance in your life

Once a month I will share information that you can easily and immediately apply in your business and your life. If you are not completely thrilled with the value you receive, you can remove yourself from the list anytime with one simple click.

BONUS: Opportunity for a FREE 30 minute “Find Your Soulmate Now Breakthrough Session.”

For a limited time, I’m offering the opportunity to apply for this amazing session, please click on the LEARN MORE button for more details.


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About Tracy Crossley

1_tracyTracy is known as a Game Changer and the QUEEN OF QUANTUM LEAPS ready for change, but don’t know how…Tracy is an expert who will guide you to having the abundance, love and success you have always wanted both professionally and personally.

Relationships have always been her thing. Personally and professionally. Starting out in sales at the age of 21 (after dropping out of fashion design school), she was able to bring in large clients such as Jack in The Box.

At every point in her career prior to becoming a coach, when she was in sales, marketing and management…it was all about the relationships. Building new relationships and repairing damaged relationships. She never looked at sales as a chance to go in for the kill, but to add someone else to her wide network of relationships.

Tracy has quite a few accomplishments, but it’s also the adversity that makes her capable as an intuitive coach in helping others. Read More

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