Authentic Love Now Membership

Many of you who are reading this page, have been reading what I write on empowerment, love and self-acceptance for a long time. I love, love, love all the feedback I receive from so many and it inspires me to keep on delivering from my heart and soul. 

I started thinking of what I could offer you that might help you to move forward from some craggy spot you may currently be stuck in…

Would you like to:

  • Attract love?
  • Have a readily available weekly life-changing plan?
  • Accelerate your empowerment?
  • Let go and Live?
  • Work with my materials?
  • Be authentically happy now?
  • Belong to a members-only program to grow your self-acceptance and success?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then I may have an answer just for you!

When I first thought about offering something, which would suggest deep innovative insights around helping others really become empowered in their life, I thought the only way to do it was weekly one on one and group sessions.

But I kept getting this feeling in my gut drawing me toward helping many more people in a broader way and I decided I was not going to stop there!!

So…here we are. ☺

This is a brand new members-only weekly life-changing package!! It’s based off the feedback I receive from those I currently work with and from those who have written to me asking for help.

And if you feel as deeply committed to yourself, as I am to helping you, then you will feel SO excited when you see what I have to offer you below.

This program is available for less than what you’d spend weekly on a Starbucks Latte!!

Like I said, I want most everyone to join me!

Who is this program for?

If any of the following statements describe you, than you’re the candidate that will be successful with this package. Please hurry to sign up and I’ll tell you why below.

If you:

  • Take self-responsibility seriously
  • Possess self-awareness
  • Are ready to take leaps forward in your life.
  • Are a self-starter and practice self-discipline when it is in alignment with your goals
  • Love to learn
  • Are ready to shake up your belief system.

If those statements describe you, then please join me!!!

I am offering powerful tools weekly.

In Authentic Love Now, I wanted to make sure this would be something for individuals who desire information to take them out of a stuck place or launch them to the next level.

What is my weekly package?

graphics-red-arrow-buttons My weekly package is based on one post to read on a specific topic and exercises to complete each week, plus a bonus ACTION item.

How will I choose topics?

graphics-red-arrow-buttonsHere’s the awesome part. Once you join my membership program there is an online portal that you will log into, so you can receive your weekly goodies, and email me from the portal your areas of struggle. During the summer I will put up a survey on the portal to make it easier for you to submit topics.

What are the exercises?

graphics-red-arrow-buttonsThe exercises will mainly be questions around the reading material I give you that will take you to a deeper level of thinking and seeing yourself. You will experience epiphanies as you complete each week’s assignment.


What is the weekly bonus ACTION ITEM?

graphics-red-arrow-buttonsSurprise! If you know me, then you know “action,” is my middle name. You will be assigned one action item to take aside from the exercises meant to create a leap in your life weekly.

That’s not all!!! (Can you tell how excited I am…I cannot wait to see this community thriving and getting to long-wanted goals in love, happiness and empowerment)

The cost for this is literally less than you’d spend weekly on a muffin or your favorite coffee drink!!

I want to build membership quickly, so I thought I would offer an introductory special!

Less than a magazine a week:

  • $2.20 a day billed monthly
  • $54.08 a month billed annually

Once we reach 100, 250 and 500 members, I will be adding some really awesome tools and inspiration!!

Just a few of the goodies:

  • Video training and a community to interact with others on the dashboard
  • Monthly Podcast to answer intuitively (psychic) your questions
  • Monthly Podcast Coaching Call LIVE to get you unstuck
  • Discounts to my other programs and services

I will also be adding different levels of membership in the coming months, which will give you more access to me through more coaching calls and other opportunities.

Daily Rate of $2.20



Monthly Rate of $54.08





14 Days Free on the Weekly Membership. You pay nothing up front, if you like it, then it will keep going and if not, you can cancel at any time. :) Please click button below to join!

Membership is NON-Refundable, but YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANYTIME.