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We’ve all got issues.

Can’t let go?

Can’t move forward?

You’re standing in your way and don’t know why?

By the way….

It is nice to e-meet you.

As a Master Intuitive and Empowerment Mentor, I can help you with several areas of your life; personally and professionally. Please feel free to explore, my paid and free tools, such as my radio show, blog and weekly newsletter.

(I appreciate you bearing with me as my website is in the state of redesign–all meant to serve you better!) 

If you find yourself stuck (whether its a relationship, single-hood, your business, career, or hanging from a cliff ), and want to get unstuck, my intuitive mentoring can suit you! Isn’t it time to get out of your comfort zone?

Wow…just in this one conversation with you, I’ve heard myself say many times, “Oh my God–I never saw it that way before,” or “Unbelievable! I now see that’s exactly what’s been keeping me stuck here!” and epiphany after epiphany, giving me the gumption to finally see how I can change how I am treated, and the way to FINALLY have a healthy relationship! Thank you!!! I still can’t believe how my mind was blown and I feel such a sense of relief!! ~Maria B.

I have made recent additions to my team.

Interested in what I am about? Listen to my audio on relationships and authenticity.


Tracy Crossley is based in LA County. She provides sessions in person, over the phone, Skype and through Face Time.

She has been described by her clients as the love child between Oprah Winfrey and Howard Stern in her approach to working with individuals, whether it is through intuitive mentoring or straight up psychic readings.

Tracy studied neuropsychology and received her BA in Psychology from Charter Oak State College. She has blended her intuitive talents, business acumen, psychology, Reiki (she is a Reiki Master), spirituality and subconscious pattern breaking to truly help others to achieve QUANTUM change. She is a blogger for publications such as elephant journal and Huffington Post. You can also find her professional bio on Linkedin

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