Who are YOU?

Yep, let’s start there. When you truthfully answer that question from your heart, it is usually in contrast to how you live your life EVERY, SINGLE DAY.

We all have a shadow.

This ‘thing’ keeps us from living our most authentic life. It causes us to stay with an inappropriate partner, continue pining for an old love, undermine a date with someone good for us, seek approval from someone who won’t validate us, be thrown into intense emotional reactions, distance ourselves from intimacy, run and hide from success and blame the world for our problems.

Are YOU living life on YOUR terms?

If the preceding paragraph produced any familiarity for you, then NO, you’re not living life on your terms. Perhaps, others think you have it all together? You look successful in certain areas of your life, but are you truly happy? Do you have functioning relationships?

Are YOU sick and tired…or just so over, not having what you want?

Some of us think we are until we have to put our money, our time, our commitment toward it. That is when we will second guess our decision to get out of a painful cycle. What???

Who would want to stay in pain?

So many of us do. We look at our comfort zone, where we are right now and we say, “This is not so bad. I can cope, I will find things to keep me busy, etc.”

Why would YOU choose this comfort zone of hell?

We have a fear of the unknown. PLUS, our shadow–the thing, which comes between what we want and how we feel/what we do, etc…keeps us stuck in the autopilot of old crappy beliefs and patterns of sabotage. Our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a negative belief or positive, it just knows it’s how things have been and how we decided a long time ago they are supposed to be…and we stay stuck right here.

It’s b.s……YOU can change it!

If you really, really, really want to change your life, your relationships, how you wake up each day and FINALLY live your life on your terms. Please click here.